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Exploratory analysis with validated tools.

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Instant Galaxy Pro access

With Galaxy Pro, get seamless access to a data analysis platform tailored to omics.
  • No system administration: Instead of weeks and months to set up and maintain Galaxy, receive a link that just works.
  • Don't wait in the queue: With Galaxy Pro, your jobs run quickly and there are no storage quotas.
  • Isolation and privacy: Only you and your team have access to your Galaxy Pro instance so feel free to upload and analyze private data.

Easily deploy production pipelines

Upload data and run jobs, from R&D to production without designing pipelines while not being restricted in possibilities.
  • Validated tools: Galaxy Pro comes with a suite of tools that have been properly installed and operationally validated.
  • Topic-based workflows: Don't spend 3-6 months developing a pipeline. We have common workflows using best-practice tools and values.
  • Exploratory mode: Want to look at your own data or tweak parameters? Do this easily in the exploration mode and save your changes for future runs.

Focused on customer success

Infrastructure, tools, and pipelines are a foundation for a successful analysis but the reality is that each research project comes with its own requirements.
  • Proactive collaboration: GalaxyWorks will follow you on your project journey to ensure your Galaxy Pro configuration matches the project.
  • Onboarding and training: We work with you to get started and continue to stand by your side.
  • Customization: Adding new or custom tools as well as pipeline development is available.

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