Galaxy Pro

An accessible data analysis platform for genomics, coming soon.

More than 7,000 best-of-breed tools, grouped into domain-specific suites, for RNA, ChIP, variant analysis, metagenomics, and more. All accessible through a web-based interface for exploratory analysis.
Built-in graphical workflow editor for repeatable end-to-end analyses.
Analysis history automatically captures every step of the analysis, including every tool and parameter, from which reports can be generated for unprecedented transparency and reproducibility.

Why Galaxy?

Galaxy is an open-source data analysis platform that has been used to solve real-world research problems by hundreds of thousands of users for the past 15 years. It is one of the most highly regarded data analysis solutions with a world-wide community of researchers, tool developers, and software engineers. Recently, it has been identified as a key computational milestone in DNA sequence data analysis. Galaxy thrives with an annual community conference attended by hundreds, thousands of academic publications referencing it, and an active developer community, ranked among the top 2% of all project teams on OpenHub.

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Galaxy Pro

Galaxy Pro is a managed service of the Galaxy application. Galaxy Pro is an integrated suite of compute infrastructure and software that provides a complete solution for genomic data analysis while automatically handling all aspects of system administration, scaling, and data storage.

Why Galactic Core?

The founders of Galactic Core have been with the Galaxy project since its inception and have guided its development and growth. We know the ins and outs of the application and have managed a public Galaxy service for over a decade that processes hundreds of thousands of jobs monthly. Through Galactic Core, we are using this expertise to offer Galaxy as a first-class, dedicated, supported software service to anyone. Get in touch to hear more and see a demo.

Where is Galaxy used?

Research labs across the world, from academic and research institutions to hospitals and pharmaceuticals, have adopted Galaxy as an accessible data analysis platform that caters to domain researchers enabling them to do their own data analysis.

Regulated Industries

Leaders in the fields of biosafety testing and gene therapy use Galaxy as part of their reproducible analysis pipelines. The reproducibility of Galaxy Workflows with Galactic Reporting are an ideal framework for executing standardized pipelines and evaluating automated assay reports.

Basic Research

Interactive analysis options of Galaxy provide the flexibility for exploratory data analysis needs. Access to thousands of vetted tools accompanied with support enable agile decision making required for exploratory analysis. Galaxy has a proven track record with basic research labs across the globe.

Core Sequencing Labs

Traceability of Galaxy Pro enables intelligent sample tracking with auditing capabilities. Intuitive mapping of data samples (individuals) persists within Galaxy, allowing clinicians access to their historical data for re-querying.