Galaxy Pro is a managed software-as-a-service platform that is configured to operate on our validated cloud providers and comes pre-configured with user specified tool sets. The benefit of using Galaxy Pro is that we configure the deployment so that the user does not have to expend time and effort on infrastructure requirements and can focus on biological queries and progress.

Ready to use

Galaxy Pro makes it easy to go from explorative analysis to continuous production pipeline runs. As a managed service, we handle compute infrastructure management and scaling so your jobs just run without the need to install and maintain analysis software. You interact with Galaxy Pro through a web browser, or an API.

Tools & Workflows

Thousands of tools have already been integrated into the Galaxy platform, and new ones are continuously being added. The integrated tools include best-of-breed, popular software that has been published and is commonly used. Galaxy Pro is extensible so your tools can be also be added. Once a tool is integrated into Galaxy Pro, it can be linked with other tools in the form of a repeatable workflow.


Each installation of Galaxy Pro is private and available only to the people you select. People with access can enjoy extensive sharing and publishing capabilities to support a collaborative environment. Individual histories, workflows, or visualizations can all be shared and extended.

Provenance, transparency, and reporting

Every job in Galaxy Pro is automatically tracked, keeping a record of every tool and parameter used. This allows an unprecedented level of provenance from one job to complete analyses. Coupled with detailed reports that can be exported as a PDF file, computational transparency and reproducibility has never been this achievable.


As a managed service, we automatically handle the size of the cluster running your Galaxy Pro installation to ensure high throughput of your jobs. Storage infrastructure is also automatically handled so you do not need to worry where the data is stored.


All the software services required to run Galaxy Pro are isolated and private to your organization or group. We exercise best-practice policies including least privilege access, whitelist access, extensive logging, and more. More details are available in our security policy.


Galaxy Pro is an open-source product that prides itself on transparency. Hundreds of developers help contribute to creating the best genomic analysis solution available that is hardened through hundreds of automated tests.

Service Subscription Options

Galaxy Pro is available as an annual subscription. Each installation includes everything required to successfully perform biomedical data analysis: storage and compute infrastructure on a validated cloud provider, analysis software, domain-specific tools, long-term maintenance, privacy and security guarantees, best-practice pipelines, and support.

The size of the core service is based on your approximate team size. Each subscription is accompanied with a choice of a customizable toolset and an accompanying workflow that can be customized to your needs. We can also help develop additional workflows and/or tools with you, as well as offer training options for your team.

Each genomic data analysis is different so reach out to us for a consultation and we will work with you to compile a solution for your specific needs.

Core Service


  • 1-5 users
  • 5TB storage
  • 10 concurrent jobs


  • 5-50 users
  • 75TB storage
  • 50 concurrent jobs

Toolset and Workflow

(One suite included)




More coming



On-site or remote.

Custom Tools

Tool development, integration, and installation